Replace loose or failing glazing with new glazing. Broken panes are replaced with new or antique glass if the customer requests. This exterior work is done on site.  


Mechanical Tune-up   


Usually done on site, we re-glaze, replace broken or worn sash cords with new cord or chain and adjust existing weather stripping or install new. Broken panes are replaced with new or antique glass if the customer requests. 




Mechanical Tune-up plus priming and painting of sash exterior. Sashes are brought into our workshop for this process. 


Full Restoration


Window sashes are removed from their opening, cataloged and taken to our workshop for restoration. All glazing and glass panes are removed from sashes, and the remaining paint is stripped. Sash joints are strengthened and damaged and/or rotted pieces repaired. If a particular wood part is not repairable, it is replaced by a new part milled to match the original window profiles (limited replacement in kind). Sashes are fitted for weather stripping and primed.


While the sashes are out, sash locks and other mechanisms are restored, repaired or replaced. Casings, stops and jams are stripped of paint, repaired or replaced, then primed and painted in preparation to receive restored sashes. 


Sashes are re-assembled and glass panes re-glazed to their original position. Broken panes are replaced with new or antique glass if the customer requests, then the interior and exterior of the sash are painted. The restored sash, casings and stops are re-installed, any broken or worn sash cords is replaced with new cord or chain, and weather stripping, sash locks and other mechanisms are installed. Lastly, the window is tuned and left fully operational with most of its original components intact and returned to their original positions.


“Good to Knows”


Our window restoration and repair services adhere to standards established by the National Park Service. 

Click here for their brief regarding "The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows".

Click here for the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation Treatment-guidelines-2017


Except for Re-glazing, all work is done from the inside. We prefer to work on windows that have storm windows protecting the house from the elements. If storm windows are not present, alternate options will be offered to temporarily close an opening.


We make every attempt to minimize glass breakage. In the event there is breakage, we will re-purpose as much of your broken antique glass as possible before supplementing with new or antique glass if the customer requests. 


For all services, highest quality paint is used to prolong the life of glazing putty and window components. Having your paint color(s) chosen in advance will contribute greatly to the process. 


Pricing depends on window size, the number of glass panes, and general condition